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Bullion Capital is a membership-based exchange facilitating the trade of physical gold, silver and platinum. The MetalDesk web-based trading platform, which can be fully white-labelled, allows the clients of members to trade, store, and take delivery of physical precious metal.

Participants are able to trade on live prices for physical precious metal in multiple global locations. Orders are streamed by our liquidity providers directly to a displayed central limit order book. All participants have equal access to immediately executable levels and associated sizes, ensuring transparency and fairness.

The MetalDesk Platform is the most advanced solution for trading physical precious metal: an allocated bullion exchange with global storage and delivery facilities, institutional liquidity and instant order execution.

Why offer physical bullion to your clients

Investors are searching for a precious metal offering; some are going straight to the mints or to the gold shops, others are utilising the economies of scale and trading directly on our physical precious metal exchange through one of our members.

Bullion Capital’s physical precious metal exchange providse an efficient, cost effective, simple and secure means of buying and selling physical precious metal. Previously, the prices and spreads available from gold shops and mints simply meant that physical gold, silver and platinum was not accessible in a way that made it a feasible trading and investment instrument.

Offering physical bullion alongside traditional investments, has already proven to be a very successful strategy for the members who are offering their clients access to trade on our exchange.

Why physical

In 2004, the launch of the SPDR Gold Trust Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), GLD, addressed the storage, insurance, transport and logistical issues associated with investing in physical precious metals. Whilst this method has been successful in creating an efficient market for gold trading, it has compromised gold’s use as a risk management tool and capital preservation vehicle.  ETF’s provide participation in the price movement of precious metals, but this does not constitute ownership.  ETF’s are complex investment vehicles with multiple risks built into the underlying mechanics.  As Bullion ETFs are derivatives backed by bullion and not outright title ownership of physical bullion, they are exposed to multiple counterparty, geopolitical and jurisdictional risks.

In the years since ETF’s commenced, technology has continued to develop at a rapid pace.  The economies of scale and efficiencies created through a global physical precious metal exchange with multiple liquidity provides and participants trading directly has shifted the demand from ETF’s into the physical market.




MetalDesk has been specifically engineered for the trade of physical bullion, allowing a broker, portfolio manager, or end client to trade, store, or take delivery of bullion in just a few clicks.

  • GUI can be fully re-branded;
  • FIX 4.4 and a variety of customisable solutions are available to integrate with third party platforms or administration portals.


  •     Central Limit Order Book: MetalDesk allows you to monitor live market prices and enables instant order execution and trade settlement.
  •     Full market depth: shows all the price levels available in the market for each precious metal product traded, giving an indication of total market demand and supply.
  •     Comprehensive client management tools: execute as agent for clients, full inventory and trade reporting.
  •     Holdings management: allows you to monitor and manage your bullion inventory.
  •     Customisable watchlist: organise and focus your precious metal trading by creating watchlists to keep a close eye on the products that you are most interested in.
  •     Full account activity reporting: 24 hour access to live and historic account activity.



MetalDesk provides a complete front and back office solution. The solution includes:

  • Built-in CRM to manage clients within MetalDesk; and
  • Front and back office integration with MetalDesk, from trade information to end-of-day back office integration, reducing your need for operational support, IT and back office integration.

Advanced Administration Tools

MetalDesk has a range of administration tools that allow you to manage and control their customers with minimal involvement required from Bullion Capital.

Client Management Tools

The MetalDesk platform allows you to create new accounts, perform cash transfers to and from customer’s accounts, edit the fees charged to clients, and view account data such as open positions and client holdings. You can have multiple account levels under the Prime account, including other brokers and end customers.

Live & Demo Client Login API

The Live Account API allows each you to have live account login portal integrated with their website.

The Demo Client API allows visitors to your website to create demo accounts in the simulation trading environment directly from your website. Live alerts and end-of-day reports mean your sales team can immediately convert leads into live accounts.

Event Notification

A supplement to end-of-day files, this service notifies you with real-time messages for events such as trades, orders and account funding.

Commission Charges

The MetalDesk platform supports multiple pricing structures by you for their customers.

An end-of-month report reflecting all the remuneration calculations is sent to you for reconciliation.



End-of-Day Files and Reporting

The End-of-Day (EOD) files are a complete summary of your trading activities performed

during the trading day. Files can be automatically generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis or upon request.

EOD Files can be customised to automate your reporting requirements for management or regulatory purposes.



Physical Bullion – Stored in world class vaults, not a paper contract. Withdraw your bullion at any time. Retain complete ownership and control over your investment.

Secure – World class vault storage and insurance by Malca-Amit, Loomis & Brinks, verified by Inspectorate, audited by BDO. Simply the most secure physical bullion investment solution.

Global Trade – Trade physical metals around the world, including New York, Zurich, Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney.