Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

An SMSF is permitted to invest in physical metals. When you purchase physical metals for your SMSF you will need to minute how the investment conforms to your investment strategy. Typical reasons for the purchase of physical metals are for capital appreciation, a hedge against inflation, or a hedge against a depreciating currency.

Purchase, store, and sell precious metals with total ease via our platform MetalDesk.  Our technology is designed to satisfy your audit requirements with ease with Bullion Capital.

Simply select the SMSF option during sign up.

Why Do Investors Choose Bullion Capital

Ease. Safety. Support. Investing in precious metals has never been easier.

Full Product Ownership

You legally own and are entitled to your physical precious metal investments regardless of any company or world circumstances.

Full Insurance

Bullion Capital is responsible for your precious metal investments as long as they are under our care, so that is a load off your mind.

Annual Returns

Gold has offered 7 to 9% annual returns on average.  Using our platform  Bullion Capital systems there’s no counterparty risk.

All Access Platform

Monitor your stored precious metal investments, buy or sell your holdings through our easy online platform.

Full Compliance

Bullion Capital is regulated by ASIC. Our SMSF account adheres to all ATO regulations as well as being fully compliant with AUSTRAC.

Segregated Accounts

Client investment funds are held in separate accounts from the company’s, ensuring total safety of your funds when buying or selling.

Super Fund Partnerships

We’ve partnered up with some of the biggest self-managed superfund providers in the country making the process easier & faster for you.

Simply select the SMSF option during sign up or check out our demo.

Bullion Capital works with a number of large SMSF providers such as EsuperfundSMSFwarehouse, TheSMSFClub,  Coughlins Accountants.

Please note you require SMSF to open an SMSF account with Bullion Capital.