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The MetalDesk Platform Quickguide below will step you though everything you need to know to start trading today.

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What is the Execution Fee?

This is the fee charged by Bullion Capital for all Buy and Sell transactions made on the MetalDesk platform.

What is the Storage Fee?

Storage fees are calculated daily, and charged monthly.  You will only pay storage on the bullion that you hold at 6:00pm local time in each trading hub. Bullion that you own that has not yet been delivered to the vault will not accrue storage fees.  You will pay storage fees at the annual rate that has been agreed between yourself and your broker, or Bullion Capital.  Storage fees are paid in arrears.

What fees and charges does Bullion Capital charge to trade on MetalDesk?

Bullion Capital only charges the following fees:

  • 1% Execution Fee – calculated as a percentage of the value of the trade and added at the time of execution.
  • 0.5% p.a Storage Fee – calculated based on the value of holdings at the end of the day and charged monthly.
  • $70 USD Withdrawal Fee – Bullion Capital passes on the associated vault handling, freight, and logistics charges.

Bullion Capital does not charge any monthly fees for the use of or access to the MetalDesk trading platform.

How do I pay my storage fees?

You will be emailed an invoice for your storage fees at the end of each month.  These fees will be paid using your available cash balance in MetalDesk.  Should you not have the funds available, you will need to top up your MetalDesk account balance.