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The MetalDesk Platform Quickguide below will step you though everything you need to know to start trading today.

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How do I withdraw my funds from the Client Trust Account?

Log into your MetalDesk account and request a withdrawal by completing a CASH Withdrawal Transfer on the TRANSFER page.

On receipt of this MetalDesk Withdrawal, Bullion Capital will transfer the funds electronically from the Client Trust Account directly to the bank account details we have on file.

You will usually receive the funds on the following business day.


How long does it take to receive my withdrawn fund?

Following receipt of your Withdrawal request on MetalDesk, Bullion Capital will make an electronic transfer to the bank account details on file.  These funds are usually available in the customer’s bank account on the following day.

Are there charges to withdraw my funds?

Bullion Capital does not charge you to withdraw your funds from the Client Trust Account.  You will be liable for any bank fees and charges incurred when making non-AUD withdrawals as these withdrawals usually involve an overseas wire transfer.

How do I pay my storage fees?

You will be emailed an invoice for your storage fees at the end of each month.  These fees will be paid using your available cash balance in MetalDesk.  Should you not have the funds available, you will need to top up your MetalDesk account balance.


How much does storage cost?

The annual storage fees are as follows:

Gold (% pa) Silver (% pa) Platinum (% pa)
0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 %
How do I change my MetalDesk platform’s market and currency?

Log in to MetalDesk, go to the SETTINGS page and select the desired market and currency (Australia – AUD or Global – USD) from the ‘GENERAL / MARKET’ drop-down menu.  Don’t forget to ‘SAVE’ your selection.

Please note that you can only trade in the selected market if you have funded your account in that currency.

Where do I transfer funds to for trading on MetalDesk?

The Client Trust Account bank details are below.  These account details can also be found on the CASH tab on the ‘TRANSFER’ page in MetalDesk.

USD Account Details for Global market only:

Banking Institution Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Currency USD
Account Name Bullion Capital Limited
BSB 062000
Account Number 15783964
IBAN 06200015783964
Bank Address 48 Martin Place Sydney NSW Australia 2000

AUD Account Details for Australian market only:

Banking Institution National Australia Bank
Currency AUD
Account Name Bullion Capital Limited
BSB 084-929
Account Number 123897081
IBAN 084929123897081
Bank Address 325 Gympie Road Strathpine QLD Australia 4500
Payment Reference Please enter your unique client code: PC00XXX

When our bank confirms receipt of your transfer we will credit your trading account accordingly, usually the following business day.  Your trading account will be credited with the amount of funds that finally settle in the Client Trust Account.  Some international transfers may incur bank fees, so the amount that settles could be slightly different to the amount that was transferred.  There are no fees for domestic transfers.


What are ‘Reserved Funds’?

When you please a Buy Limit Order in the market, the value of the limit order is subtracted from your available cash balance and the funds move to your ‘Reserved Funds’.  These funds will remain as ‘Reserved’ until the the order is either executed or cancelled.