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Shipping Bullion Domestically

Bullion Capital offers withdrawal from its any of its vault location to the CBD of the Vault location. For example, is the metal is stored in Brisbane,  we can have it transported to any location within Brisbane CBD.
We currently don’t support shipping clients Bullion to Domestic address around Australia
Clients can withdrawal the metal have it delivered to their choosing of Courier service who can support them shipping the bullion to their desired address.

Shipping Bullion Internationally

Bullion Capital offers withdrawal from its any of its vault location to the CBD of the Vault location. For example, is the metal is stored in Zurich, we can have it transported to any location within Zurich CBD.
We currently don’t support shipping clients Bullion Internationally to client’s home addresses
Clients can withdrawal the metal have it delivered to a there choosing of Courier service who can support them shipping the bullion internationally to their desired address.

How do I withdraw bullion?

Withdrawal requests can be submitted on the MetalDesk trading platform under the ‘Transfer’ section and are processed within two working days. The bullion can be delivered to the CBD of the trading hub the metal was purchased in (client pays delivery charges) or the client can pick up from the vault.

How can I sell bullion once I’ve withdrawn it from Bullion Capital?

If you choose to withdraw bullion form the Bullion Capital storage network, you will not be able to sell the bullion through Bullion Capital’s MetalDesk platform.  If you wish to sell, you will need to sell your holdings through some other, off market method like your local Bullion Dealer or Bank.

All bullion sold in the MetalDesk ecosystem is off the highest international quality and brands ensuring you will be able to find liquidity to sell wherever you are in the world.

If I withdraw bullion holdings, can I deposit them back into Bullion Capital’s storage network?

No, all trading participants operating through Bullion Capital need to comply with the terms and conditions set out in their respective account agreement, and also with the Bullion Capital Quality Assurance Framework (QAF).  The QAF identifies the requirements for bullion coming into the Bullion Capital Storage Network.  Only Market Makers, Liquidity Providers, Prime Brokers and White Label Partners are able to deposit bullion.  The bullion being deposited must be either:

  1. Direct from the refiner; or
  2. From the depositing member’s storage facility with an accompanying bar list, stating the refiner, serial number and receiving location for each of the bars being deposited.  A completed paper trail from the refiner to the Bullion Capital Storage Network needs to be established before bullion can be accepted for deposit.
How do I pay the withdrawal fee?

The withdrawal fee can be paid with by using the funds in your MetalDesk trading account, or by transferring funds to Bullion Capital with a wire transfer.  You bullion will be withdrawn from the Bullion Capital storage network once your withdrawal request invoice has been settled.

What costs are involved in withdrawing bullion?

Bullion Capital charges a $70 USD management fee and passes on the associated vault handling, freight and logistics charges.

Please note, delivery can only be made via a vault pickup or delivery by armoured truck to the CBD of your chosen trading hub*.

Breakdown of Bullion Withdrawal Costs

  • Bullion Capital Management fee: $70 USD
  • Vault handling fee: $60 USD
  • Delivery to CBD: $100-150 USD**

Estimated Bullion Withdrawal Total Costs

  • Vault Pickup Total Approx costs: $130 USD
  • Delivery to CBD Total Approx costs: $230-280 USD**

*Silver withdrawals from our Zurich vault into Switzerland will incur GST on value of the metal at the prevailing tax rate

**Based on withdrawals up to $200,000 USD of Gold or $100,000 USD Silver. Orders above these limits will be quoted bespoke.



What are the benefits and advantages of storing my bullion with Bullion Capital’s storage and logistics partners?

Liquidity: Bullion Capital’s market consists of deep institutional pools of physical liquidity throughout the market.

Holdings Management through MetalDesk: This means little to no administrative burden for your firm.

Cost Effective: The efficiencies generated through locational trading ultimately equate to substantial cost savings on a trading, storage and logistics basis. Similar to exchanges; market forces and customer sentiment allows for true price discovery, as opposed to customers merely seeing a bullion dealer’s spread (buy/sell price differential). The prices at any point in time will reflect the demand and supply forces for a particular trading location, determined through the direct interaction of buyers and sellers.

Audited holdings: Bullion Capital submits itself to dual-layered, annual and random audit, stocktake and compliance checks by independent, industry leading audit and inspection firms to ensure and verify accurate in-vault customer bullion holdings.

Secure: Bullion Capital has partnered with independent vaulting and logistic companies to provide comprehensively insured storage

Insured: against loss, theft and damage

Global Trade: Trade and take delivery of physical metals in locations around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Zurich & New York. Ability to shift title and wealth around the world instantly and seamlessly.

Can I visit the Vault facilities?

No, are vaulting providers are international leaders in vaulting high value assets and as apart of their security protocols visiting the premises is off limits.

How do I pay my storage fees?

You will be emailed an invoice for your storage fees at the end of each month.  These fees will be paid using your available cash balance in MetalDesk.  Should you not have the funds available, you will need to top up your MetalDesk account balance.


When will I start paying for the storage of my holdings?

You will only start paying for your bullion holdings once they have been delivered to the Bullion Capital Storage Network.  All gold, silver and platinum products will incur storage fees while in a Bullion Capital Vault.

How much does storage cost?

The annual storage fees are as follows:

Gold (% pa) Silver (% pa) Platinum (% pa)
0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 %
How are storage fees calculated?

Storage fees are calculated daily, and charge monthly.  You will only pay storage on the bullion that you hold at the close of the primary trading session, bullion that you own that has not yet been delivered to the vault will not accrue storage fees.  You will pay storage fees at the annual rate that has been agreed between yourself and your broker, or Bullion Capital.  Storage fees are paid in arrears.

My holdings aren’t showing up in MetalDesk?

The most likely reason for your holdings not to show up is that you might be looking at the wrong market place within MetalDesk.  The AUD and USD markets operate independently of each other.  If you have made a purchase in the USD market, it won’t show as holdings if you’re looking at your AUD holdings report (and vice versa).

You can change the market that you’re looking at in the ‘Settings’ tab within MetalDesk.  You can also see which marketplace you are currently trading on by looking at the light grey bar along the top of the platform.

When will bullion I’ve purchased arrive in the Vault?

All Trade Confirmations that are generated by MetalDesk will have a ‘Bullion Vault Status’ detailed. Bullion that is marked as ‘To Be Deposited’ will be delivered to the relevant vault by the ‘Delivery Date’ as listed on the Trade Confirmation.

Some trades will be executed on Deposited bullion, which is bullion that is already in the Bullion Capital Storage Network.  If this is the case, the ‘Bullion Vault Status’ will be ‘Deposited’, and the value date and delivery dates won’t be on the confirmation.